Pels Rijcken is a Corporate Partner of Nederlands Dans Theater.

Our mentality ­- striving for perfection and always maximising our skills and abilities - is something we share with the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). Because we also think carefully about each step we take. This enables us to achieve the highest quality. Pels Rijcken has been a Corporate Partner of NDT in The Hague since 27 September 2018.


Pels Rijcken and Nederlands Dans Theater are masters at what we each do. Distinguished and progressive in our own fields as well as in our collaboration. Our organisations employ highly motivated thinkers and doers who perform at the very highest level on a daily basis. We develop high quality services and performances and handle the exceptional talent of our people with great care. This translates into the special and strong bond that we maintain with our business partners, clients, and audiences. We strengthen one another; in The Hague naturally, but certainly also in the rest of the Netherlands and internationally.

About NDT

NDT is one of the most productive dance companies in the world. Its artistic director Paul Lightfoot gives both young and established choreographers a chance to create new work. NDT dancers are classically trained, but in the end it comes down to their extraordinary talent to master a wide range of styles. NDT is forging its own distinctive and ambitious way in the modern world of dance.