Administrative Law

For many of Pels Rijcken’s attorneys, administrative law is at the very heart of their practice. An important aspect for this practice is that the central government wears many hats: having a regulatory, administrative and executive role.

The public administration operates in order to safeguard the public interest where political issues are often involved. Due to their expertise, Pels Rijcken's attorneys are fully aware of the client's needs and the government interests that are at stake.

Because of their decades of experience with administrative law, the specialists at Pels Rijcken can apply their combined knowledge of politics, public administration and law when advising. The backbone of Administrative Law is the General Administrative Law Act, which on the one hand regulates government intervention and on the other provides the central government with many opportunities. Pels Rijcken's knowledge of this Act is second to none. All new developments are closely followed and a website - accessible to everyone - is maintained with  up-to-date information on the parliamentary history of the Act, complete with explanations.

Because of the firm's extensive experience with providing advice and with litigation, Pels Rijcken has an advantage over other law firms. In court, our attorneys  can argue the government's position  unlike anyone else. Pels Rijcken acquires much of its information first-hand, and consequentlyhas ample unique and up-to-date expertise. Through acting for many different administrative clients, Pels Rijcken furthermore has a comprehensive overview of all prevailing national administrative issues, and of all cases submitted to administrative courts.


  • "Very professional and very good at matters relating to constitutional and public law."  - Chambers Europe 2022
  • "Pels Rijcken handles the most complex cases on administrative law." - Chambers Europe 2022
  • "Highlighting the firm's high level of expertise, one interviewee notes: The team doesn't have a narrow point of view in tackling problems but instead looks at situations from all sides, which is very good for creating a holistic viewpoint, adding: Non-lawyers are more willing to accept what the lawyers say because they're not just using legal speak but do a good job of addressing everything.", Chambers Europe 2021
  • "Drawing on the firm's longstanding history in public law, one client comments: The team consists of good communicators who are very practical and don't tend to get stuck down in legal details but instead look for solutions, concluding: It is THE expert on public law and immigration law.", Chambers Europe 2021