Construction Law

This department, with more than twenty lawyers, is the largest specialised player in the Netherlands.

For a good many years, this department has assisted the State of the Netherlands and other public clients in innumerable cases brought before the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry in the Netherlands, The Netherlands Arbitration Institute and the civil courts, and as a consequence, the team has a wealth of procedural experience.

The team's experience of Design & Construct agreements, DBFM(O) contracts and PP partnership contracts is second to none, as they have arranged these for the largest projects in the Netherlands, as well as for the more traditional forms of building contracts. The department is involved in almost all major infrastructural projects, such as the HSL line, the second Coentunnel, A15 Maasvlakte-Vaanplein, Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere and the construction of numerous roads, railways and government buildings. 

Our clients include the State, provincial authorities in the Randstad conurbation, the four largest municipalities, water boards, healthcare institutes, universities and many other public authorities. Consequently, the attorneys at this department are at the forefront when it comes to assisting in legally, technologically and politically complex projects and they have acquired a good feeling for dealing with the specific public component.


  • "A keen insight in the workings of the central government.", "professionals who are realistic and to the point.", "Practical arguments are weighed up and taken into account.", "We’ve been working with Pels Rijcken for years now and we are extremely satisfied with their work.", "We are very impressed with their knowledge capabilities and how they handle each and every situation.", "The team is also very good at estimating the chances of winning a procedure.", "They are very good lawyers with a lot of experience and knowledge, and are fully dedicated to their work and clients.", "They are very apt in providing legal insight on more complicated political and organisational issues." - The Legal 500, 2022
  • A very strong, fast-thinking and fast-acting team, they give great advice with a sharp eye for detail and possible political implications.”, “Would recommend them to anyone.”, “Broad knowledge and therefore full advice, but still one point of contact.”, “The team is always searching for the long term solutions and relationships.”, “The knowledge of the national government and the proper protection of its interests in and outside the courtroom makes this law firm unique.”, “The employees have extensive knowledge and expertise.”, “The individuals I have worked with are outstanding in putting things in perspective and helping to make the context clear.”, Legal 500, 2021