Digital Transformation & Innovation

The Innovation, Privacy & Technology (IP&T) section of Pels Rijcken, consisting of about 14 lawyers, assists its clients with innovations in the areas of artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart contracts, data and smart cities. The team has been involved from the outset in the development and implementation of innovations and works closely with developers, programmers and builders to build the legal requirements directly into the technology.

They specialise in answering legal issues that are relevant to new technologies, such as those in the field of privacy (the GDPR), intellectual property (simulcasting as disclosure, IP on SaaS), human rights (freedom of expression, the right to information gathering, the right to be forgotten), contract law (deadlines and IT), liability law (AI and autonomous transport) and regulations concerning open government and administrative chains.

The Innovation, Privacy & Technology section advises companies and governments that use innovations to improve their processes. Our experience is that when the legal aspects of an innovation are considered in the early stages of an innovation process, the innovation is accelerated.

They are advising APG and PGGM, among others, in realising their ambition to transfer the pension administration to a blockchain, the Netherlands Care Institute on one of the first working blockchain applications 'Mijn Zorg Log' and various municipalities, including The Hague, Amsterdam and Eindhoven, in realising their smart city ambitions.