Intellectual Property and Media

Intellectual property law

Intellectual property rights protect creations and investments and at the same time promote social progress and fair competition. While European harmonisation and worldwide digitisation are raising new questions, some old questions also need new answers. Pels Rijcken’s team of IP specialists are on top of these developments and regularly assist corporations in finding the right answers.

The IP team also has extensive experience in advising and litigating on IP issues for public sector clients. Government and the public sector do not always enjoy the same protection as private individuals and private rightsholders, but may similarly have a substantial interest in protecting their own works, logos and databases. Because of our years of accrued expertise in IP in the public sector, our IP team knows what is needed to avoid disputes or to win a lawsuit, either as claimant or defendant.

Intellectual property law in Supreme Court appeal

Pels Rijcken’s Dutch Supreme Court practice also covers the entire breadth of IP law, whether this concerns life science patents, European trademark law or the private copying levy. Because Supreme Court litigation is highly specialised, our Supreme Court attorneys litigate on behalf of our clients and for other lawyers.

Media law

Media law comes into play where freedom of expression meets personal privacy. Freedom of the press is essential for a democratic society and the new media also contribute to this. The fact that everyone can act as a journalist does not mean that everyone feels bound by the constraints of responsible journalism. Wrongful accusations can cause permanent damage, certainly in view of the permanent memory of the Internet. Pels Rijcken's media law attorneys specialise in handling cases in which freedom of expression, breach of privacy, reputational damage or harassment are central. Their significant expertise enables them to negotiate and/or to litigate effectively and successfully.  

In addition, media have traditionally been the subject of government policy. In the Netherlands, the Dutch government protects the independence, diversity, quality and accessibility of the range of media on offer. The government also ensures fair relations between commercial and public broadcasters. Pels Rijcken's media law attorneys have years of expertise in the fields covered under the Dutch Media Act.


  • ""The team has expertise in defamation cases, defending the freedom of speech of government officials, social watchdogs and academics. It is also known for its experience of Supreme Court litigation, and practice head Sikke Kingma is admitted to the Dutch Supreme Court Bar." - The Legal 500, 2022
  • The team is able to make a very sharp analysis of complex legal issues. They combine their legal expertise with good insight into the technical background of the online environment. What makes the team different is that they are able to take into account the specific positions of organizations with a public/governmental responsibility.”, “Very sharp analysis in written documents and during oral proceedings. Strong focus on defending the case.”, Legal 500, 2021