ICT supports business operations and administrative processes as well as their renewal, such as digital collaboration channels for governments, healthcare institutions and companies, but also use of data in marketing, healthcare and combating fraud.

Pels Rijcken’s ICT attorneys help to facilitate progress in digitisation, ensuring that processes are compliant. This includes respect for privacy and attention to administrative responsibilities, as well as keeping an eye on managing probabilities of IT failure in the project phase, production phase and retransition phases.

Our ICT team advises on ICT sourcing, ranging from procurement and implementation of standard software or bespoke work to cloud services and outsourcing. Our expertise includes work for public authorities such as the Dutch State, provinces, municipalities, the Land Registry Office and the National Forest Service. This means our ICT team is fine-tuned to what governments need and is able to deliver in areas including procurement law, e-government, open data and open source, the Public Enterprises (Market Activities) Act, the Reuse of Public Sector Information Act, and data protection regulations.

Areas of expertise

  • Reviewing contracts and tender documents
  • Drafting contracts and tender documents
  • Supporting project management (e.g. monitoring milestones, addressing exit scenarios)
  • Supporting management (monitoring TPM statements, licence management, benchmarks, retransition obligations)
  • Assisting in dispute resolution (exit scenarios, retransition, licence compliance)

If a dispute does arise, preference will be given to reaching an amicable settlement. The ICT team at Pels Rijcken has significant experience in negotiating and drafting settlement agreements. If litigating proves to be unavoidable, our experience in litigation guarantees the best possible outcome, whether in court or in arbitration.


  • "Pels Rijcken is widely-recognised for its strength in court litigation involving a wide range of EU and competition issues.", "The firm has a particularly strong reputation in state aid cases and it is also highly regarded for its involvement in cartel damages actions.", "Pels provides calm support on the spot with relevant legal knowledge and proactive suggestions that go further than the principal matter at hand. The key distinguishing characteristic of Pels is that they really have adapted their approach on legal matters to the modern age. Instead of supplying only legal theoretical surveys, they take a practical approach taking into account the day-to-day business of my organization. So there is a clear link between a solid legal foundation and options on how to act. Fantastic!", "Dedicated and well-informed team. Willingness to think a long while case develops.", "The practice is unique because it has all the in-house expertise needed for providing full-service legal advice to the public sector. If necessary, a team of lawyers will be put together. The Pels Rijcken lawyers are also renowned for their expertise and have an excellent reputation in the academic field.", "The team displays a hands-on mentality when it comes to advising the client. It doesn’t matter whether the case is complex or not. Every case gets the attention it needs. They carefully dissect the issues at hand and provide practical solutions."  - The Legal 500, 2022
  • "They are very pleasant to work with and know their business.", "Personal approach, friendly, and with a good knowledge of the market.
    Up-to-date legal knowledge.", "Pels Rijcken is academically very sound.", "Good practicable advice, with a clear intention to find a balance between the legal merits of a case and the broader relationship between contracting partners.
    Understands the need to reduce costs and to manage litigation.
    "  - The Legal 500, 2021
  • "The conversations about IT didn’t take long because their base knowledge about ICT is high. This in combination with the experience from other practices made it possible that we could act quickly. Furthermore, the firm, has a wide range of other lawyers which we had easy access to.”, “Our lawyer who, in the lead, had good knowledge about IT within organizations but also how they work. This made it possible that we quickly discussed the issues/problems we had. He understood the context.  Furthermore the team were flexible and could manage the deadlines very well.”, “They have in-depth knowledge of the ICT market and its products, as well as knowledge of licence agreements. So not only the legal perspective, but also considering the (ICT) market and the business interests.”, “The personal approach, easily accessible, knowledge of the market and client. To the point and honest about the legal issues at hand. Good time management and always honouring commitments.”, “The information technology team has a great ability to understand the needs of their clients and work with the client to figure out the best solutions to certain problems.”, “They are insightful and have great analytical skills.”, “They go beyond saying no,  but think with you to create a yes, that is very useful.”, “The people skills are exceptionally good in all employees and partners.", Legal 500 2020
  • "One client appreciates the team's good knowledge of public law and European law as well as experience in both civil and administrative court procedures, also adding: The lawyers deliver in time and with good quality. Another client notes the team's keen eye for the peculiarities and sensitivities of the cases and the lawyers' ability to model their style in accordance with circumstance and role.", Chambers Europe 2020