Open government

Wob-servicedesk: 070 5153 477

The Government Information (Public Access) Act has taken on a life of its own!

Wob requests are pouring in at administrative bodies. We, the Wob specialists at Pels Rijcken, advise daily on the application of the Wob in practice. We are in court with Wob cases on an almost weekly basis. We know the Wob inside out. We share our knowledge through an annual chronicle in the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Bestuursrecht, blogs on our own website, annotations in the AB and tailor-made courses.

The Wob is also relevant if confidentiality is imposed as referred to in the Municipalities Act (Articles 25, 55 and 86) and the Provinces Act (Articles 25, 55 and 91 Provinces Act). We are experts in this area as well. We regularly advise municipal executives and provincial executives on imposing confidentiality and assist them when objections are lodged to the imposed confidentiality or litigation is instituted in court. We realise that these cases often involve politically sensitive matters.

Wob service desk

We have the Wob service desk specifically for the various levels of government. Administrators and civil servants can come to us with questions about the Wob and the Open Government Act (Woo). Practical advice is the priority in this context. The Wob service desk can be reached on telephone number 070-5153 477. Telephone advice from the service desk is completely free. You can also contact the service desk with questions about the application of the confidentiality provisions in the Municipalities Act and the Provinces Act.