Privacy and data protection are of vital importance in this present-day (digital) society. Companies and public authorities gather, store and share personal data with one another on a huge scale. The legislation that governs this processing is complex. Not only must the Personal Data Protection Act or specific sectoral legislation be taken into account, but also all kinds of European legislation.

In May 2018, the Personal Data Protection Act will be replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR). Companies and public authorities will have to comply with strict obligations from that moment onwards. In the meantime, we have been closely involved in various projects aimed at making organisations GDPR-proof.  The privacy team of Pels Rijcken can advise you regarding which changes your organisation will need to implement in order to comply with the GDPR. You can also come to us for drawing up data processing agreements and for the development of a privacy policy. We can assist you in integrating privacy and data protection into your organisation.

Privacy law is under constant development. New technologies, such as Big Data, Cloud computing and Blockchain, have given rise to new privacy issues. Our privacy team keeps a close eye on digitalisation and technological developments. We advise public authorities and companies on how they can safeguard the privacy of citizens or clients when implementing these new technologies. We also regularly conduct Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs). In a PIA, our privacy experts identify and list the legal problem areas and risks involved with the intended processing and propose suitable solutions in consultation with the client. In this way, privacy infringements are identified at an early stage and can be prevented. The GDPR will mean that a PIA will be mandatory in certain cases, for example in the event of large-scale processing of medical records or profiling.

The privacy team of Pels Rijcken is specialised in providing advice and litigating in the area of privacy and data protection. Nor do we restrict ourselves to the Personal Data Protection Act and the GDPR. Our privacy experts have extensive experience with issues related to the processing of medical records, tax records and police and judicial records.  You can call on us for advice, but also for legal representation. Our privacy lawyers regularly represent organisations in disputes about privacy or data protection. Examples include disputes about applications for inspection, the (unlawful) provision of data or processor's agreements. Do you need more information or do you have specific questions about privacy and data protection?

Please contact Marte van Graafeiland.