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Procurement Law

With over twenty attorneys the Procurement law department is by far the largest specialised player in the Netherlands. The department deals with purchasing matters in every field and its knowledge of public-public partnerships is second to none.

Pels Rijcken's attorneys represent clients in over 80 procurement disputes per year - and with success, as the majority of the cases is won.

The team also has unique experience in drafting and reviewing procurement papers, such as for Design & Construct contracts, DBFM(O) contracts and PP-partnerships for the largest projects in the Netherlands, and for major ICT projects. A few examples include: HSL (high speed trains), the second Coentunnel, the A15, Maasvlakte-Vaanplein, Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere and Kilometerprijs (a project involving the procurement of all construction necessary for road pricing on dutch motorways).

Our clients include the Dutch State, provincial authorities in the Randstad region, the four largest municipalities in the Netherlands, regional water authorities, healthcare institutes, universities and many other public authorities. Consequently, the attorneys in this department are frontrunners when it comes to assisting public authorities in legally, technologically and politically complex procurement projects and they have a keen sense for the specific public component of procurement procedures.