Emmeline van Heukelem to become member of Pels Rijcken's Board

Emmeline van Heukelem

Emmeline van Heukelem, former supervisor at the European Central Bank and the Dutch Central Bank, has joined Pels Rijcken's Board on 1 January 2023. As director, she will be assigned the Governance, Risk and Compliance portfolio.

Van Heukelem has already served as the Director of Risk and Compliance at Pels Rijcken since 1 March 2022. With this appointment, Pels Rijcken secures the quality of its risk control and compliance at the highest administrative level. Van Heukelem succeeds Yolanda Paulissen as an external director.

Paulissen recently accepted a different position. For the past period, she advised Pels Rijcken on the further professionalisation of the financial department. Board member Mark Birnage will be responsible for the further roll-out and will take on the role of CFO.