Aart Jan van der Ven, advocaat Pels Rijcken

Aart Jan van der Ven

Attorney-at-law • senior associate

Aart Jan van der Ven has been with Pels Rijcken since 2010. He specialises in planning and environmental law. His clients include various Dutch ministries, provinces, municipalities, water boards and commercial (real estate) parties. Aart Jan assists his clients in projects that have environmental impact and advises them on various planning and environmental law issues, such as spatial planning, environmental impact assessment, environmental quality requirements (such as noise nuisance and external security) and permit and enforcement issues. He often advises and, if needed, litigates on projects from the very beginning through court of appeal proceedings. In particular, Aart Jan is highly experienced in the fields of dyke and coastal reinforcement, (sustainable) energy projects, construction and expansion of infrastructure, and urban development.

Aart Jan studied Dutch law at Leiden University, where he graduated cum laude with an LLM in Constitutional and Administrative Law in 2010. He subsequently completed the Grotius Specialist programme in Spatial Planning and Environmental Law. Aart Jan is a member of the Dutch Lawyers Association (NJV), the Administrative Law Association (VAR), and the Environmental Lawyers Association (VMA).