Alexander Boskma, advocaat Pels Rijcken

Alexander Boskma

Attorney-at-law • associate

Alexander Boskma joined Pels Rijcken’s Employment and Public Service Law team in 2017, where he advises and litigates for not only public and private employers, but also employees in cases involving dismissal, employer liability and pension. Alexander is also a regular contributor to our Employment and Public Service Law Blog.

He obtained his master’s degree in Corporate Law from the University of Groningen, and studied for six months at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in Munich. He has been a board member of the Young Bar at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands since 2018. He is also a member of the Association for Civil Servants and Law (VA&R), the Young Employment Lawyers Association (VJAA) and the Deutsch-Niederländische Rechtsanwaltsvereinigung (DNRV) (German-Dutch Bar Association). Alexander has a good command of written and spoken German.