Dieuwertje Stolwijk, advocaat Pels Rijcken

Dieuwertje Stolwijk

Attorney-at-law • associate

Dieuwertje Stolwijk has been with Pels Rijcken’s Employment and Public Service team since 2015. She advises on and litigates in cases involving dismissal, equal treatment, remuneration (Dutch Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act (WNT)), integrity, and employee co-determination. Dieuwertje has extensive knowledge about administrative law (Awb) and the standardisation of the legal status of civil servants (Wnra).

She graduated cum laude from the University of Groningen with a master’s degree in Dutch Civil Law. During her academic pursuits, she studied in Sweden for six months and completed traineeships in the legal profession and at various government agencies. In 2018, Dieuwertje was seconded to a Dutch ministry to offer legal assistance in monitoring compliance with the WNT. Dieuwertje is a member of the Dutch Civil Servants and Law Association (VA&R) and the Dutch Young Employment Lawyers Association (VJAA). She is also a regular contributor to our Employment and Public Service Law Blog.