Edward Brans

Edward Brans

Attorney-at-law • counsel

Edward Brans joined Pels Rijcken in 2002. He focuses on environmental liability under private and administrative law, including enforcement in case of environmental incidents and liability for inadequate supervision and enforcement. In addition, he supports companies and governments in addressing climate change and energy transition, such as projects aimed at the use of geothermal energy (aquifer thermal energy storage and geothermal heat), carbon capture and storage (CCS) and the realisation of designated flooding areas. In the field of environmental law, Edward has extensive experience with cases involving climate change, (soil) pollution, pollution by ships, asbestos, air quality, waste products and circular economy.

Edward studied Dutch Civil Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he obtained his master’s degree and PhD. As of 1 November 2020, he is professor by special appointment of Sustainability and Environmental Liability at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance at Utrecht University. He was a university lecturer in private law, including at VU Amsterdam, and has been a lecturer with the Grotius Specialist programme on Planning and Environmental Law and the Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary for a number of years. Edward regularly publishes in academic and professional journals and in addition to planning and environmental law, also lectures on maritime casualties. Edward is a member of the Dutch Environmental Law Association, the Environmental Lawyers Association, the Energy Law Association (NeVER), and the Netherlands Maritime and Transport Law Association, and is editor of TVR, Tijdschrift Vervoer & Recht (Transport & Law Journal).


Recommended Lawyer, Legal 500, 2021