Ellen Plukaard, KSL Pels Rijcken

Ellen Plukaard

Professional Support Lawyer

Ellen Plukaard is a professional support lawyer (not admitted to the bar) and joined Pels Rijcken in 1988. She has been Knowledge Support Lawyer at the Knowledge Centre since 2016, which is part of the Information and Technology cluster, where she helps facilitate knowledge development and management. Working closely with internal and external clients, she designs and is responsible for the development and management of various types of portals. She also oversees projects involving the purchase, development, testing, and introduction of new knowledge products.

Ellen received her degree in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law from Leiden University. She previously was inhouse counsel with the Directorate-General of Police of the Ministry of Justice & Security and with the management unit of the Legal Department of the Dutch Prison Service. In addition to her work as a knowledge support lawyer, she was up until March 2020 deputy secretary of the Civil Servants and Law Association (VA&R), which meets every two years to discuss developments in civil service law.