Erika Wies, advocaat Pels Rijcken

Erika Wies

Attorney-at-law • senior associate

Erika Wies joined Pels Rijcken’s Employment and Public Service team in 2012. She represents public and private sector employers in cases involving integrity, dismissal, employer liability, equal treatment, incapacity for work/return to work and pension issues. Erika has extensive knowledge of and experience with legislation relating to the standardisation of the legal status of civil servants (Wnra). She is a passionate lawyer with a solution-driven and practical approach.

Erika obtained her master’s degree in Dutch Civil Law from Leiden University. In 2016, she was seconded to the municipality of Rotterdam. In 2017, Erika completed the Grotius Employment Law postgraduate programme with distinction. She regularly provides training courses to lawyers and HR staff. Erika is a member of the Netherlands Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN), the Civil Servants & Law Association (VA&R), the Employment Law Association (VvA), and The Hague Employment Lawyers Association (VHAA). She is a regular contributor to our Employment and Public Service Law Blog.


  • "Erika Wies provides patience and enthusiasm, and is able to get all relevant information about a case from the client." - The Legal 500, 2022
  • "Erika Wies is down to earth, does not spill time but also takes enough time to really understand the case as well as the underlying circumstances." - The Legal 500, 2021
  • "Erika Wies’ combination of business savviness and personal interest is highly appreciated." - The Legal 500, 2021
  • "Erika Wies is fast, with great communication skills and works very hard." - The Legal 500, 2021