Myrthe Nielen, advocaat Pels Rijcken

Myrthe Nielen

Attorney-at-law • associate

Myrthe Nielen has been an attorney-at-law since 2013 and joined Pels Rijcken in 2018. As adviser and litigator, she specialises in losses caused by government decisions. For example, compensation for loss in infrastructure projects and expropriations in the redevelopment of areas. Myrthe welcomes contributing ideas towards preventing loss and compensation in kind and, when necessary, she conducts proceedings. Such issues of loss often play a role in large and politically sensitive files. Myrthe is not easily distracted by the size or complexity of projects. She combines thoroughness with practicality. As an experienced endurance athlete Myrthe knows how to switch between endurance and a final sprint. She Also knows what interests governments, companies and individuals have in spatial projects.

Myrthe graduated cum laude with a bachelor's degree in Law and a master's degree in European Law and started her career as a lawyer at Van der Feltz advocaten in 2013. Part of her curriculum was at the University of Cambridge and the Université de Genève. Because of her experience abroad, she is fluent in English, French and Spanish. Myrthe is an editor and writes for the journal Jurisprudentie voor Gemeenten (Case law for Municipalities) and is a member of the Dutch Administrative Law Association, the Energy Law Association, and the Environmental Law Association.