Peter Hoogendoorn, kandidaat-notaris Pels Rijcken

Peter Hoogendoorn

Candidate civil-law notary • senior associate

Peter Hoogendoorn has been with Pels Rijcken since 2009, and his expertise spans the extensive area of notarial practice for national and multinational companies, government authorities and non-profit organisations. He advises companies and institutions on their corporate governance. In addition, he has experience in overseeing mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of legal entities and setting up joint ventures. He has a particular interest in the digital aspects of the notarial profession.

Peter graduated cum laude from Utrecht University with a master’s degree in Notarial Law and earned a master’s degree in Private Legal Practice from the University of Amsterdam. In 2013, Peter completed the three-year professional training for the Notarial Profession cum laude. In 2015-2016, he attended the Grotius specialist programme in Corporate and Business Law, which he also completed cum laude. Peter is a member of the Dutch Royal Notarial Professional Organisation.