Few sectors in our society are currently undergoing such extensive changes as the healthcare sector. The financial-economic situation demands drastic measures, and the relationship between market forces and public interest is fraught with tension. Forced to respond to ever-changing regulations, healthcare administrators and professionals experience continual pressure.

When it comes to healthcare matters, Pels Rijcken is a tried and trusted partner for the government, healthcare insurance companies and healthcare providers. We are respected for our attorneys' knowledge of and experience in the field, and both the government as well as other market players know they can depend on our unconventional approach, our thorough knowledge and our reliable expertise.

Our practice focuses on advice, litigation and transactions for the healthcare industry. We work closely with specialists in different sub-areas in order to offer our clients the perfect combination of knowledge and experience. Our clients can count on the assistance of a committed team. Because we have a broad and comprehensive view, we are able to correctly distinguish between primary and secondary issues - an important aspect given the complexities inherent in healthcare.

Our clients appreciate our clear and succinct advice and our tough but fair manner of conducting litigation. We know the environment in which you work, we have vision, and your view of what matters is what matters to us.


    • The team is capable of acquiring the necessary knowledge within a short period of time by combining the existing knowledge of different members in the team.”, “The practice has a broad and deep understanding and experience with the central government and our way of thinking.”, “They are sharp debaters and quick minds, they understand our needs and cut to the chase.”, “The team is very professional and committed.”, “It surprises me every time how quickly they comprehend the cases we present and place the legal problem in the right context.”, “The legal knowledge is outstanding and so is the service provided.”, Legal 500, 2021
    • The health care team from Pels Rijcken is best to be described as dedicated, experienced and always available. The team knows exactly how to represent our organisation in court: they operate on a friendly base with respect for the other parties that are involved.”, “The practice knows exactly what’s happening in the areas concerning our field of work, and know how to translate this in spot-on advice and representations.”, “If needed, the team can deliver a multidisciplinary approach by combining the knowledge of the sector with expertise in other relevant areas of law. Furthermore, due to fixed contacts urgent issues can be addressed immediately if necessary.”, “The team is always ready to help and very easy to communicate with. They have in-depth knowledge about a large variety of subjects, are very professional and are pleasant people to work with. When they take up a case for you, you can be sure that you are in good hands.”, “The Dutch central government only deals with PRDF who is thorough and has a wide experience and a good understanding of history.”, Legal 500, 2020
    • "Clients single out that the firm is specialised in working for the Dutch government and governmental organisations and is well-versed in healthcare law.", Chambers Europe 2020
    • "Sources appreciate the co-operative and creative attitude of the team.", Chambers Europe 2019
    • "Clients are also pleased with the fast, thorough and reliable lawyers, adding: They communicate in a pleasant way and explain complex legal matters in a way that people who are not legally educated can understand.", Chambers Europe 2019
    • "Clients appreciate the combination of quality legal work and knowing the world we work in.", Chambers Europe 2018
    • "They were thorough, they included us in what they were doing and how much time it would take them. They gave me a good view before they started the work what they were going to do, it was all meticulously planned.", Chambers Europe 2017
    • "Very accurate and fast.", Chambers Europe 2017
    • "Their response time is very sharp and quick, their advice is to the point and they are very accurate.", Chambers Europe 2016