If the legislative proposal for the standardisation of the legal status of public servants is adopted by the Senate on 10 November 2015, this will lead to comprehensive changes within the public service law. From the moment that this Act comes into force, all public servants will fall under civil employment law. This means that the employment relationships in government will be the same as the employment relationships in the corporate world.

The coming into force of the standardisation of the legal status of public servants act will have a huge impact on all government organisations and its public servants. For this reason it is important for you as a public-sector organisation to stay informed about the contents of the legislative proposal and the potential new legal status of your public servants as well as knowing how you can best prepare your organisation for the transition. We keep a close eye on the legislative process and we advise clients about the changes which will take place. For instance, with regard to the question of what will happen if no new CAO (collective bargaining agreement) has been concluded on the date of entry into force, with regard to the impact of general principles proper management in private law, or with regard to the question of how public servants can be bound to collective agreements. In addition, we are fully occupied with the new employment termination law (the Work and Security Act), which has been in force in the corporate sector since 1 January and July 2015 and, if the legislative proposal is adopted, will also apply to many public servants.

On the website, a clear overview is given of the entire parliamentary history of the legislative proposal to standardise the legal status of public servants. On this website you can find all the parliamentary documents, the changes to the existing laws (shown clearly thanks to the use of track changes) and furthermore, the explanatory notes given in the Parliamentary History included per section of law.


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